Barriere Les Princes Cannes

26 maj 2024


50 Boulevard de la Croisette, 06400 Cannes, France


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Barriere Led Princes Cannes is located in the second most expensive resort in France, Cannes. The casino is the largest of the casinos included in the well-known French casino chain Casino Barriere. Barriere Les Princes Cannes is relaxed and open to all visitors who follow its relatively simple dress code. Despite this, the casino still retains its unique luxury environment, adorned with their golden pillars and elegant lighting. The casino uses face recognition but has free admission for anyone over 18 years of age.

Restaurant des Jeux offers a wonderful stew of veal chops, scampi with parsley and many other dishes to suit your taste. There is also classic French brasserie and Mediterranean food that welcomes the whole family. At the Casino Barrière Les Princes Cannes you will enjoy a wonderful dining experience. If you want to get more out of your stay or stay overnight, the international hotel JW Marriot Cannes is recommended, which is located in the same area as the casino.